SURVIVANCE: the ongoing survival; the continual reclaiming of one’s presence and voice; a collective renunciation of systemic oppression and intentional harm on a person and/or a people. 

About the Survivance Storytelling Project…

Welcome to the Survivance Project: A Digital Storytelling Project. Survivance is a digital space, a preservation of stories from underrepresented voices.

Survivance is our voices, our lived experiences; this is our moment. 

The first series of stories featured are centered around life of Chicagoland ALAANA*, one year in the pandemic. The pandemic is a once-in-a-century human event. The stories of how ALAANA were impacted by the Coronavirus are important in this moment of a lifetime. Funding for this series was provided by The Field Foundation of Illinois.

*ALAANA is defined as: (African, African-American, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American) by The Field Foundation of Illinois. 

The second series of stories Dear 21 Year Old Me: Letters from 40 something year old Black Women to their 21 year old selves will be available once it completes its run at the 2022 Fillet of Solo Storytelling Festival on February 20, 2022.

Story Highlights