About Us

The Women Behind Survivance

Survivance is a joint effort with the Henry Williams Love Foundation (HWLF) and storytelling partner, The Pisces Life Podcast and Network. 

HWLF is the brainchild and legacy family foundation created and directed by Kyla Williams, CEO/Founder. 

The Pisces Life Podcast and Network was co-founded by Kyla (appears artistically as Kai Love) and Letitia Fowler (appears artistically as IamJustLetitia) in 2012, relaunched in 2020 right before the quarantine began during the pandemic (we didn’t know how different life was about to become either). 

The Pisces Life Podcast is a weekly-produced podcast with listeners coast-to-coast in the US and in 16 countries. Kai Love and IamJustLetitia are two March-born Pisces hailing from the Midwest; they are two PhDs with witty commentary about the goings-on in current news and feature interviews with movers, makers, noteables and celebrities.