Non Profit Organizations

Angela Hurlock – Claretian Associates

There’s a saying that pressure reveals character. Diamonds aren’t  cr...

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Meet Dr. Dorene Wiese (Ojibwe)

The first series of stories in the Survivance project are focused on the AL...

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Mind, Body, and Spirit

Melissa-College Student

When the lockdown hit in March 2020, my college experience was moved online...

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Workforce/Job Start/Remote Work

Marcy Cody, RN, BSN

As a semi-retired and part time community outreach nurse for a nonprofit, a...

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Faythea-March 2020 Visual Poetry

March 2020 that’s when my life changed… March 2020, that’s when m...

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Self Discovery

Marques Martin-Hayes

What year. I learned the most about my inner self. I discovered a deeper le...

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Life Changes

Meet the Robinsons


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Meet the Kyndreds

A Zambia Love Story...

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