As human beings, we are automatically drawn to stories because we see ourselves reflected in them.

We inevitably interpret the meaning in stories and understand ourselves better.

When you tell a story, you spark a connection.

That is how humans have communicated since the beginning of time —by telling stories.

Stories have been told since even before humans learned to read and write.

These stories have passed on through generations: some of them fill up history books, some are integral to culture, and some are embedded in family values. Within these stories are moments of Survivance and it’s important to collect and protect these moments in time.

Survivance is a project of the Henry Williams Love Foundation (HWLF) a 501c3 organization in partnership with media partner, The Pisces Life Podcast. Our desire is to tell stories of Survivance beyond COVID-19 from all over the world. If you believe in the power of stories to change the world, consider donating to support this project.