Workforce/Job Start/Remote Work

Marcy Cody, RN, BSN

As a semi-retired and part time community outreach nurse for a nonprofit, after a short lay off, I was called back to make “well being” phone calls and give health presentations via Zoom.

Working from home provided an opportunity for me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and enabled me to walk into my purpose, teach people of all ages, to do something every day that that their “future self” will be grateful for (mind, body & spirit).

I published a bestseller! “90 Ways to Age VIBRANTLY! A Baby Boomers Devotional Journal.” Started the “Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast. Formed a Mastermind Group: “Be Alive and SPRY at 85.”
Repurposed three of my online courses and I’m planning a summit.

While doing all this, I had a much needed hip replacement surgery.

I’m a firm believer in multiple streams of income and this time at home, has allowed me to tweak everything.

I’m excited for 2021!!

Now that I’m getting my ducks in a row, the finances will start flowing in on autopilot!

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