Non Profit Organizations

Meet Dr. Dorene Wiese (Ojibwe)

The first series of stories in the Survivance project are focused on the ALAANA (African/African, LatinX, Asian, Arab, and Native American) community in Chicago, one year after the pandemic. This next story in the Survivance podcast series is such an important one. Meet Dr. Dorene Wiese (Ojibwe), Chief Executive Officer of the American Indian Association of Illinois. The American Indian Association of Illinois, is an urban based tax exempt non-profit organization dedicated to transforming American Indian communities through developing and delivering American Indian education and advocacy as an experience founded in Native American culture, language, and history, fused with traditional knowledge and tribal values, designed as a model to enhance all urban/off reservation Native communities. Programs include the Medicine Shield Indian School and University Support Program, the Chicago American Indian Museum and Black Hawk Dance Troupe, and the Urban American Indian Institute.

Follow Dr. Dorene Wiese @AmericanIndianAssociationIllinois on Facebook or visit their website at http://www.chicago-american-indian-ed…