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Faythea-March 2020 Visual Poetry

March 2020 that’s when my life changed…

March 2020, that’s when my life changed.
Keep your distance! You need to isolate!
Wear your masks and keep your hands clean
Stay inside if you know what I mean
What do they mean? I thought to myself
Is this virus that bad? Should I be concerned about my health?

This virus was something we’ve never seen before
Millions dying while bills piled up on the floor
What is a 23 year old expected to do?
The world was in shambles and she didn’t have a clue!

Now 23! Degree in hand
Watching the news, thinking about her plans
What are my plans? Have they gone to waste?
Thinking about this just made my heart race

All my life my pathway was clear
Go to school! Get a career!

Now what do I do when jobs are closing down
Applications sent out, no responses en route
It’s a bit disheartening, after all I’ve achieved
All those years of school, no job offer received!

But that’s what the pandemic made us see
If it’s one thing this “panoramic” has taught me
Nothing is set in stone! We’ve seen that with Covid-19!

But that’s the least of my worries
I mean why should that bother me?
They say I’m YOUNG, be ALIVE and CAREFREE

BUT HOLD UP! That’s the problem with us today
Saying the virus isn’t real, thinking that will keep it at bay
To not caring at all about all this dismay
Like a life lost is just not and nothing more
Gone due to a virus and us not staying indoors

My people! My people! I’m tired as well
I miss the outdoors, that’s where my memories dwell
Gallivanting and social exchange is where I excel

But how selfish does it seem?
To be complaining and wishing this was a dream
I mean the thoughts that gallop through my mind…,
Hospitals are overworked, people are confined!

To beds…to ventilators…to rooms by themselves
Can’t see your families! Can’t ask them for help
Covid-19 is here! Got to stay by yourself!

I mean would they be less confined if we could just learn to stay at home
But no! We chose now to become Sherlock Holmes!
Going on adventures far and near
Ignoring protocols that we are told to adhere

So as I reflect on this past year
Was it as chaotic as it appeared?
It did surprised us with a virus
Did we survive it? Well…
Here is my official account
23 and trying to figure life out
But March 2020? Started the year that shook me, no doubt ……

F. Williams